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Deep Tissue Massage

(30/60/90 min for $50/95/140)

Treatment for deep chronic injuries or pains. Using slow and deep strokes intended to target the inner layers of your muscles. Helps break up scar tissue and achieve reduced tensions in your muscles. Promotes increased blood flow and reduced inflammation.

Back Massage


Back massages target the three largest muscles in your back. Helps back pain sufferers and has known benefit in increasing blood flow and endorphins to your brain. Endorphins being the “feel good” chemicals.

Foot Massage


Targeting the most often neglected vital limb on our bodies: our feet. Tense feet can cause a host of chronic pains including lower back. Enjoy an elaborate foot message for relieved tension across your whole body.

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Finally, we are open.

Now we accept "Groupon" appointments. Feel free to schedule your appointment. 

Nail Treatment Kit

Symbelle Nail Treatment Kit

Do it by yourself the kit can absolutely make nail salon effect at home and travel. Save your time and money!! Including high quality nail clipper, cuticle pusher, cuticle nipper, file, buff, base coat and top coat.

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